Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Happy New Year

A Happy, if rather belated, New Year to all.  I had hoped to produce a retrospective blog on Ugandan news stories over the last few months, but have run out of time.  You'll have to wait until I get back from the UK in a couple of weeks' time.  We had a very busy December, preparing and running a very successful four-day training session for the 40 DES inspectors the week before Christmas.  We then had a wonderful holiday in Queen Elizabeth Park, as you will know if you follow our blog regularly.  No sooner were we back than it was New Year.  We held a most enjoyable Hogmanay party in our flat, complete with the Gay Gordons and Dashing White Sergeant, followed, of course, at the Bells by a very creditable rendition of Auld Lang Syne.  It certainly makes for a different kind of New Year when partygoers are able to sit out on the balcony under the Ugandan stars, sipping the occasional drink while looking out over trees and banana plantations.  By the way, good bottles of Macallan and Isle of Jura can be purchased in Kampala!

I am flying out to the UK at midnight tonight but Stuart is staying here up to his eyes in work.  Our inspectorate training now has to be rolled out to well over 200 primary inspectors in each of the districts, and they, in turn, have to roll it out to the innumerable county and sub-county inspectors.  So over the next two weeks, Stuart will be busy adapting the materials and then as soon as I am back we will be out on the road helping our DES colleagues to deliver the training.  We will probably do this by bringing inspectors together in several Regional centres.

I will be spending the next week in Glasgow, and then will move down to Yorkshire and then London to see other family members.  It's probably not the most convenient time to go on leave, but in Uganda events tend not to be planned until the last minute, so it was very difficult to know when would be the best time.  Anyway, I hope to catch up with Glasgow-based friends and relatives.  I am not sure yet how I will manage the Edinburgh end of things, but I will be in touch.  Best wishes for the rest of 2011, Elisabeth and Stuart.

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