Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thank you

Many thanks to all the friends, family members and ex-colleagues who contributed towards our Royal Pride Academy Fund.  Thanks also to Jane for gathering together your gifts and to David for helping to publicise our appeal.  In all we raised £425 which we will put to good use as soon as I get back (I am currently in London and will return to Uganda on Thursday).  Stuart and I have been working with a lawyer who is going to help the school gain NGO status, which sets it up officially and provides it with beneficial tax status.  We have begun developing an improvement plan with Godfrey, the headteacher.  We feel this is a very good way for us to share our professional skills.  Godfrey has not had any training or support so far as a headteacher, and planning is a key skill.  Once the plan is in shape, we will share it with you.  As we start using your generous gifts to improve the school, I will let you know about the work which is going on, and about how your contributions are being used, through this blog.  Thanks again for your generosity.

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